Thursday, June 28, 2007

Little Corona Early in the Morning.

Rise and Shine

It's so awesome living blocks from the beach. We love to grab a coffee and stroll down there early in the morning. This was about 7am today. The beach is amazing in the summer.

Our Mighty Heirloom, the Purple Cherokee

Angela and I planted this heirloom tomato plant when it was a little baby back in march. Now it's about 7 ft tall and giving us tons of tomatoes. Delicious city!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ditch Your Loverboy...

Been cleaning and re-organizing the office this weekend. Found this funny pic of elisa and heather. This photo was taken in Taos on our way up to Angel Fire for new years 199? The newspaper clipping they are holding reads "Ditch your loverboy for someone else's squeeze."

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Luna de Miel

The honeymooners! Volcano tungurahua in back.

Tungurahua Volcano

This active volcano erupted last year. This bird sculpture used to be 30 ft tall. The original road is 20 ft below the dirt road we drove in on. They have not repaired the road as they expect another eruption at some time.


The next few photos are from Salasaca. The indigenous people from Salasaca were originally from Bolivia and transplanted by the Incas. They are famous for their textile market and their ability to weave beautiful carpets and alpaca sweaters. These are kids coming home from school.


Alpaca yarn, used in most tapestries, rugs and sweaters made in Ecuador.


Card games in the market. Salasaca


Rudy in Salasaca was my favorite person we met during our travels. He took us to his home, where we bought a rug from him that he handmade. He also gave us antique milagros and sold me a carved piece of wood that came from an old church in ecuador. It is my most treasured purchase from the trip. $3. He collected antiques and had an awesome little home. Before I took this photo of him, he was wearing a Vermont tshirt with a racoon on it. Hilarious. Then he said "do you want me to put my poncho on for the photo?" Thanks Rudy.


This little girl came up to me in Salasaca. I was turned down numerous times when I asked to photograph kids during the course of our trip. Emily loved the camera and was a perfect little model.

Devil's Cauldron

This waterfall was astounding. The photo doesn't do it justice at all.

Street in Banos

El pajaro

School Boy

Loved this kid on his cell phone.


These trashcans are everywhere. Mostly clowns and ducks. I guess it is so the kids feel inclined to throw their trash away instead of litter. This one made me run the other way.


This is the dining room at Luna Runtun.

Dream Come True

I don't think there was a day we didn't enjoy these pools. I think the picture says it all.

Luna Runtun

This is where we stayed for most of our visit. Luna Runtun, overlooking town of Banos. In the background is the active volcano tungurahua. It smokes on a daily basis and was snow capped by the time we left. It last erupted last year.


Our awesome cab driver who took us to the rat donkey zoo and an exotic bird aviary. The bird place was owned by some old lady and there were about 1000 caged birds. Chickens. Roosters. Doves. Pigeons. Parrots. Ostriches. Toucans. and two insane monkeys. there was a bus of schoolkids dropped off here. I think part of my hearing has been damaged from all the squaking, screaming and chirping. It was a sound I hope to never hear again. But here is Patricio. Calmly enjoying some quality time with the primate.


What the ecuadorians think of our pres.


This is Manuel. He let us try bananas and mandarins on one of our hikes. One of the cliffside farmers.

Market in Quito

Cable Car

This is a cable car suspended above this gorge about 300 ft in the air. This just about gave me a heart attack. I don't recommend this to anyone scared of heights.


This is a tram ride up the side of the mountain in Quito. Quito is at about 9,000 ft elevation. The tram took us to 13,000 feet where you can get off and hike even higher. The clouds travel so fast up there.

Barber Shop in Quito

Banos Girl


Here is the Virgin on the hillside overlooking Quito.

Suspension Bridge

Suspension bridges are everywhere here. They are a bit scary and typically no more than 5 people allowed on the bridge at once. One of the tour guides told us the wood is very weak from all the rainfall and due to termites. Nice. Background is Devil's Cauldron waterfall.



Orchids grow in the wild everywhere. You practically trip over them there are so many.

Diseno Grafico

These letters are on every single business in old town quito. Being a lover of great typography, we searched the city far and wide to find these for sale. Most store owners said that the makers of the letters come by their shop and sell them that way. A cab driver recommended one place he thought we might find them, but said it was too dangerous. So, I will have to continue my search. Maybe trusty ebay can help me out. They are BEAUTIFUL. I drool at the sight of them.

Made in China

Coffee & Chicken?

I don't know about anyone else, but I love chicken flavored coffee.


The library at Cafe Cultura

Cafe Cultura

This was adorning the walls at this awesome hotel/house we stayed in Quito. It was super cozy and a dream come true.

Artist Coop

Rat Donkey

This is some weird rodent with beaver teeth? Went to some weird "zoo" in Puyo. This was the best thing they had.

Sugar Cane

Sugarcane is everywhere here. There is so much of it everywhere, it's hard to believe they ever get rid of it. It is farmed on cliffsides that are difficult to hike down, let alone harvest and farm everyday.


This is very popular in the mountain towns. It is a type of taffy that is made in most of the stores. It is pulled on a wood peg, until it is the right consistency. Very tasty.

Rainy Day Banos

Volcanic Hot Pools

This photo is taken from about the same spot as the one below. These are the hot mineral tubs at the place we stayed. The views were stunning and the soaks were amazing, and greatly missed.


This is the town of Banos in Ecuador. This photo is taken from the place where we stayed. It's called the Cloud Forest.

Lester Photo Chronicles

There was a contest to see who could take the most pics with Lester. Nice try Stosh and Heather, trying to weasel their way into this one. Don't worry Lester, once the photos are tallied up, you will get a great momento from the contest.

Going Home.

Help the scientists find their way home. My money is on the guy who carries a periodic table in his wallet. (You know who you are, and I don't mean the new husband.) Actually, thanks to Branden, our dd, we all made it home safely. Thank goodness Megan spelled it out for us on a napkin, including her phone number....