Friday, August 29, 2008

Flying into Juneau

Here is a pic from the flight in to Juneau. We stayed in Juneau for one night, then onto a ferry for four hours to get to Haines...

Haines, Alaska

Groovy Glass in the Seattle Airport

black bear

Here is the black bear that was on our tail...


Here is a terrible photo of the bear that chased another bear which chased us out of the woods. Got the heart pumping...


This moose we spotted on the way to Haines with it's baby moose. The baby ran into the woods before I could snap its picture.

Ice from the Mendenhall Glacier

The day we arrived...sunny and beautiful.

Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau

Day two...cloudy and rainy. This was how the weather remained the rest of the trip.

Rainbow Glacier

Saturday we went kayaking. The scenery was amazing. We even saw a little family of otters who gave us a little show.

Bear Repellent

They say this really works. I don't doubt it.


Whale Tail

If you look very closely, you will see the tail of a humpback whale, as well as the back of another whale. Unlike Heather and her dad, i didn't have a lens the size of a volkswagen, so the photo is pretty pathetic. But, we did see a ton of whales on the ferry back to Juneau. It was awesome.

Downtown Haines


Ron's collection of fishing lures. He gave me a really cool one that I made a keychain out of.

the Docks

So much eye candy on the docks...


Here is fireman Al, using his mad skills to filet the Halibut caught a few minutes earlier. To filet a fish is a true art. I could have watched all afternoon.


One of the many delicious dinners we devoured. Fresh seafood every night.

Steve Kroschel Wildlife Center

This was the highlight of my trip. Steve Kroschel is a documentary film maker and has this wildlife center outside Haines, Alaska. It was a great place to learn about all the alaskan wildlife and see up close an personal these beautiful animals. This is a black wolf, native to Alaksa and it was the most amazing animal I think I have ever seen. This wolf was so strong. Mario, who was holding it and a pretty big guy could barely stand still because the wolf was so strong. I can't imagine what it would be like to see it run. They say it can run up to 40 mph! Thanks Steve and Mario for an amazing tour.


This is a Caribou. You can see the felt (fur) shedding from their antlers for the upcoming winter.

Steve and the Lynx


Kitty, the baby grizzly.

Red Tail Hawk

Gold Rush

This is Parker on the right, the 12 year old who gave us a tour of the mine and taught us how to pan for gold. This is his cute gramps who works everyday, searching for gold.

Friday, August 15, 2008


It was Stosh's birthday on Saturday. We made this party cake from a Jamie Oliver cookbook. Love the kid in the book devouring the party cake...


Nothing like a mimosa to kick start your birthday.

Bdawg and Kozi


One of the many colorful characters at little Corona this weekend.


Fleur de lis

A lovely little chunk of fleur de lis outside our neighborhood mart.


A typical drive up to anywhere around here on the interstate.