Saturday, June 27, 2009

BBQ Black Tie Optional

These past two weeks have been a flurry of madness preparing for the big move north. Lucky for us, we have fantastic friends and neighbors who have been throwing us farewell celebrations left and right. This past weekend we had a little shindig at the Orange Tree Compound where we live. Much like Melrose Place, but with less drama, our little cottages are occupied by some of the coolest folks around. Lindsey, who has been instrumental in getting pica press organized and in tip, top shape, threw us a party at the compound last weekend. Bbq, bubbles, flip cup, beer pong, polaroids and breakdancing galore. Best of all, two nights earlier at jav's chemistry going away party, Ben Hafensteiner was telling tall tales of how he still fits into his "high school" tux. I paid him $3 that night to wear it to the compound party. Low and behold, Hafensteiner made his grand entrance to our bbq sporting his tuxedo (which we were told by amanda was really purchased in his college years), with a bow tie, tied by the man himself. It's nice to know there are still people you can count on. It's promising to think what $3 can get you in this economy! What is everybody complaining about? Javier and Ryan followed suit (no pun intended) and stepped it up...Ryan in his Seersucker Suit and Javier in Ryan's suit jacket. Good laughs, great weekend.

The Suits

Martin, Ryan & Ben

Hostess with the Mostess...

Nice Minnesota girl pushing the Gin Jello shots...

tasty treats

flip cup anyone?

Amanda & Pinky

Lovely neighbors Terry & Leah

Bolsa Chica

Woke up bright and early last thursday and packed my camera for a little surf outing. Jav, Ben & Martin did a little surf city, and I combed the beach for some photo ops. June gloom is in full force and will hopefully be gone with July just on the horizon. I'm starting to feel like I'm living in the northwest again. At any rate, I found some "specimens" at the beach and got to watch the surfer dudes tear it up...good times.

Brain Bucket

the chemists hit the waves

Beach Debris




Monday, June 15, 2009

The chickens have arrived!

Just thought I'd post an updated on the chickies that arrived at Chicken Arm Farm a few weeks ago. Thanks for the photos branden!