Monday, September 14, 2009

dotty and the neighbor kid

here is our next door neighbor sporting his friendly chicken, dotty.

Plow to Porch

Our delicious weekly delivery of fresh fruits and veggies.

Charming little winery - Alma Rosa

Ben and Amanda came up this weekend for a visit that ended far too soon. We headed to the hills for wine country, and a perfect, lazy afternoon. There is so much variety in the landscape around here, from farm land to what seems like new mexico desert at times, and all the while only a stones throw from the mighty pacific. Gotta love it. We are some lucky kids.

hip hip hooray for shoestring syrah.

Shoestring...Our new wine club.

the Mission

Spent some quality tourist time this weekend with Ben and Amanda, starting at the Mission.

Little Friar Amanda

Friar Javier

Friar Benjamin

Visitors Round 2

Visitors round 2. Our pals albert and abbie came out from Minnesota for a little california vacay. It was great to see them and show them around paradise. We also got to meet their awesome friends Randy and Jamie who we hope to hang out with again soon. (Love that shirt-around-the-shoulder look albert...esp. the shirt)

Abbie & Jamie

Nothing like a day of lounging at the beach to celebrate the big 32!

Project Fence

Rob Sabin was one of our first visitors at 30 San Roque. He jumpstarted our fence project and dug post holes with Javier all weekend, poured concrete, went on multiple home depot runs and still managed to have some good fun with us. Thanks for all your help rob. Our dog, tortoise, panda bear or whatever creature we may end up with, thanks you too! What a great little fence.
Working hard...

Nice Goggles Professor