Monday, January 09, 2012


Not really sure how to put our new year's eve into words... Traveling stand by is always an adventure and you just never know how your day is going to turn out. Our flight from Phoenix to Santa Barbara was cancelled due to fog. (thank you fog) There was a flight at the gate next door flying to San Luis Obispo, and we barely made it on by the skin of our teeth. Ended up in San Luis at around 9:30pm. Rental car places all closed, one taxi at the airport, one room left at the madonna inn. We have always wanted to stay there, but the timing was just never right until the night of new year's eve! I couldn't have imagined a better way to bring in the new year than this. It was unforgettable. The madonna inn was amazing. The dance party was awesome. the people were characters! Sequins, tuxedos, every color under the sun, free photo booth, balloons, sparkles, live music, cocktails, festive everything. Someone even got married there that night. It was such a dream. Happy New Year!


Now that's a CAKE

Buffalo Room

Our room at the Madonna Inn

New Year's Swim

Woke up to this January 1, 2012. Went for a morning swim in the heated pool and soak in the hot tub. BEST way to start a new year.

Flying Star, Bernalillo

Sure do miss these new mexico sunsets.

Happy 43 years mom & dad!

Good times at the Cerrillos petting zoo!

Madrid, NM

on the road...

We had to caravan since we had so many people, so on the way back from santa fe, every couple miles, we were greeted by the passengers in car #1. This was right outside the little town of Cerrillos, just miles from where Javier and i got hitched. What a hoot.


Train ride to Santa Fe

Only in New Mexico...

...Chihuahua at the birth of Jesus Christo, but of course!
Nana, Papa & the kiddos at the La Fonda in Santa Fe

Fashion Forward

'Project Runway' with christmas wrapping scraps. Team nana/ashlyn/cassidy were the winners this year.

Cozy Christmas

Pinon wood for our roaring fires.


Are you a man or a muppet?

Ashyln, Cassidy & Walter

Mexican Market, ABQ

Mr. Hubcap

In high school, one of the hubcaps from my 1980 datsun 510 (aka the DUSTEATER') had mysteriously disappeared. My dad took me down to mr. hubcap-this dodgy place in sketchville, albuquerque to dig through hundreds and thousands of hubcaps to find the match to my car. A few hours into the search, we actually found the exact match to the 510. I think we paid $5 for it, maybe. I couldn't believe it. What a lesson in persistence. I was surprised to see that the place was still there, and had to stop for a pic.


Played loads of farkle during the break. Made myself a tidy little profit in one game...$60!

Christmas Eve

Was on the plane to Phoenix on Christmas Eve and got turned around mid air, because of a mechanical issue with the plane. Javier and I were flying stand by, so we got bumped from the next flight. We ended up back in Santa Barbara for the night. Plan B worked out in our favor. We got to sip on some tasty wine at the beach, and got on a flight the very next day.