Friday, July 03, 2009

Palm Springs

Headed east for the heat this weekend. Too bad the A/C in our car didn't work. We could have used some protection from the 113 degree days. Holy Hot. Spent most of the day lounging in the pool and going on some great self-guided photo tours. I do love the desert & dry heat. It felt so good to get away from this beach gloom. Jav, on the other hand could do without the scorching sun. But he was a trooper and embraced the rays anyway.

Ace Hotel

The Parker Hotel


This is where we stayed on our mini-vacay in Palm Springs.

Korakia Movie Theatre

Korakia shows old flics every night outside on this white wall. Great way to end a hot hot day.

Kaufmann House

Below are some pics of some other great mid-century moderns we scoped while cruising the hoods of Palm Springs.


"Leave town brown" bus. What a riot. I think it would be impossible not to leave this town brown with temperatures in the 113s. Spray tan bus head north to my pals in portland!