Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy New Year from Santa Barbara. It's hard to believe we are into yet another year. Twenty ten. Sounds weird. Two thousand ten. Even weirder yet. New years resolution: keep my blog more current... Hope you all have a great one! See you next year.

The mighty Rio Grande

We made it back to Nuevo Mexico for Christmas this year. It was great to be back on our old stomping grounds and see all the family. Good times. Great oldies. Here we are flying into albuquerque.


Gotta love the flea market in Albuquerque

Robert's Dam

Here is where Elisa and I used to hang out in high school. Took the kids here for a little photo shoot with the lovely sandia mountains in the back.

Team Ice Skate


The "thing-ah" that helped Ashlyn learn to ice skate. What a contraption.

Roxanne & Snickers

Roxanne and Cassidy spent a month in Albuquerque this summer where they attended horse camp. Nana got them one lesson at Christmas so they could show off their skills to the rest of us.


We did manage to make a snowman with the few inches that fell last week. Nana, from Montana, pulled out all the snowman tricks. The kids had a blast and decided to name him HARDY. Kelly and I immediately coined "Hardy the Party Snowman" which led to some heavy drinking...(see below). Kids and Nana not too happy with the alcoholic snowman.

Hardy had one too many

Dirt Angel

Ashlyn was dying to get outside to make snow angels all over the yard.

Calumet, Las Vegas NM

This has been posted a few times on my blog before, but there has been an update to the Calumet girl...the garages have been painted blue!

Painted Church, Las Vegas, NM

Project Runway Christmas Challenge

My mom had a little project runway christmas challenge for us after all the gifts were opened. 2 teams consisting of 1 model (kid) and 2 adults. We had to create a get-up for the model with the left-over wrapping materials. Lester and I dressed Roxanne (left) and took away the gold. Tim Gunn would be proud.


Here are a series of pictures from one of many meltdowns that comes with having 4 kids...
Ashlyn Jo took a liking to Jackson's life-like dino robot.

Tooth Fairy

Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy had a busy night on Christmas Eve. Kelly pulled Jackson's loosey goose tooth just in time...

Barber Shop, Santa Barbara