Thursday, June 09, 2011



First harvest from the garden this year. Come on SUNSHINE. Hot summer, we need you!

Anna & Leeshnee

Anna and Mikey stopped by on their way down to San Diego this week. Anna is off on a 6 week bike tour in Europe with her pal Starla who lives in SD. Anna, we are all so jealous. Ride hard for us and have a blast. Be safe! no back busting.


I bought these sparklers from an antique store in las vegas, nm. They were in the original packaging from 1964! We put them to the test with anna and mikey last night. A little tough getting them lit, but once we did, boy were they a sight.

It has always been a dream of mine that javier would come home one day with arms full of fun fireworks that he concocted in the lab. Come on Jav, get crackin!

Ancient Sparklers

Jason & Talia (4 weeks old)

Ted's Retirement

Elsa & Susan

Durango, CO

Durango/Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Train

Land of Enchantment

We went back to New Mexico for Javier's nephew Josh's high school graduation. We spent the weekend in Las Vegas, NM and I stayed in Albuquerque for the rest of the week. I caught a ride up to Durango with Branden & Stosh for Ted Bartlett's retirement party and a big reunion with our old pals from Colorado. It was great to see everyone and do a whole lot of nothing. Got a little carried away with the iphone photos and fancy filter, but sometimes i just hate schlepping the nikon.

Branden and Stosh's Bus

Church in Jemez NM

Old Town, Albuquerque

Best Biscochitos in town!

This place is going to be in National Geographic next month.

Branden & Ezra!

Alpaca Farm

My mom has been dying to take me here everytime we are home. The alpacas had just been sheared for the summer. Look at this guy!

Robert's Dam

This is Elisa and my old stomping grounds. Long live robert's dam! Sure miss those Sandia Mountains.

Javier's High School Field

Robertson High

The Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas NM

Las Vegas, NM

Las Vegas, NM

Las Vegas, NM

Las Vegas, NM