Friday, October 21, 2011

warm & toasty

It's fall in santa barbara, and i've already got the space heater hooked up in the studio, got my new down jacket. I'm ready for a chill-free winter. And yes, contrary to belief, it gets cold in santa barbara.
Whatcha thinkin about maggie?


Took a mini-vacay a few weekends back to Paso Robles. We met Huw and his lady Kristina and spent the weekend doing a whole lot of nothing. We had a great dinner at an amazing restaurant called Artisan and did some wine tasting and lounging all weekend.

the lovely kristina

You'll never guess who we ran into in Paso...

the getaway car

So, Javier and I have been to our fair share of weddings over the past years. Last weekend we logged wedding #28 by attending Molly & Randall's wedding. My calculations conclude that we are averaging about 4 weddings a year, most of which we are traveling to in another state or country. Don't get me wrong, we love packing our bags for long weekends to celebrate our friends' nuptials, but this wedding was different, because it was right here in Santa Barbara and was a sort of milestone for us...we are making friends and digging some roots here in SB. Thanks M & R for a great sunday afternoon, one to go down in the books.

tasty libations

DIY bouquet

molly and her lovely ladies

mr. + mrs.