Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Oh what a night"...

Stepped off the plane in Newark and onto a bus to the city to see Jersey Boys. Great show!

The happy couple (and two tag alongs)

My cousin Alisa and her new hubby Stephen. Sweet couple. Stephen's family runs a dairy farm down the road. He had to wake up the morning after his wedding to milk 100 cows! wonder if he was still in his tux...

Rickard Dairy Farm

the Cows are comin' home!

Speckles, the smiling Pig

Farmhouse Porch


My cousin the Schaadman with his pal, sunny. He's headed to santa barbara to build the greatest deck in the west.

On the road

View from America's Military Academy

Elisa, unfortunately I was unable to track down Byron Pompa. I know he is airforce, but thought maybe we would get a glimpse of him at Westpoint. Byron where are you?

War memorial, Westpoint

Thayer Hotel • Westpoint

The Col. keeping his distance from us. Wouldn't want to be seen with the riff raff. Bookin' it to the car!

Croton Point Park

Croton-on-the-Hudson. Just north of new york city. (in fact you can see the manhattan skyline from this park.) This is where my dad grew up. I love the sleepy little towns that line the hudson.

We also made it to Mt. Hope cemetery in Hastings where my grandparents are buried.

Croton Dam

Thomas Edison's Laboratory • West Orange, NJ

On our way out of town, we stopped at the laboratories and home of Thomas Edison. Wow, what a hidden gem! I was floored and fascinated by the life and accomplishments of this man. It's so inspiring to see such a driven and creative person, not to mention successful. How and when did everyone get so lazy and boring? I think I spotted a little bit of drool coming out of Javier's mouth while touring the chemistry lab!

East coast Pals (you know who you are...DV, Skarsky, Donna) take a Saturday trip to see Thomas...well worth your time.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Free fruit

Javier has been bringing home fresh plums, avocados & kumquats. There is a basket of free fruit on his bike ride home from work.

Fiestas {day 4}

Just when you think you've seen enough confetti eggs...

kids parade

Confetti everywhere!

Fiesta {day 3}

Randy & Jamie, our first SB friends (thanks Albert!). They are off to colorado for their next adventure. We will be so sad to see them go.

Ice Stoppers

Pretty much the greatest garage sale find ever! Clip one of these onto your glass so you can drink your bev without the ice hitting the lips, or in our case the fruit from the sangria! Yum.


Here is jamie just before she beheads donkey. This redwood was made for pinatas.

Friday, August 06, 2010


Another fun and exciting evening had by all at the fiestas last night. Javier's grad students came over for a little pre-party before heading across the street to the festivities. Pardon the iphone photos. Didn't feeling like hauling the big mama camera around last night. Can you remember the last time you were on a carnival ride? Wow is all I have to say. The gravitron really took me for a ride. Word to the wise (from our english pal Sam) "Never trust a traveling carnival".

The Kids

Javier's group. (I call them 'the kids') They are so fun.

inside the GRAVITRON

Thursday, August 05, 2010


Old Spanish Days are here! It's been roughly a year since we lived here, and this was one of the first things we did when we moved in. Awww, our anniversary in the beautiful city of saint barbara. Last night was opening night at the mission. Dancers, music, and cascarones (confetti eggs) galore. Que Suave!