Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 19

Feliz aniversario mi esposo! quatro anos!

Dad & Demetria

My dad has always poked fun at our weekends away in wine country. So, this weekend he came out for a visit and we had to show him what it was all about. He settled in just fine and was quite the wine connoisseur. Here he is at Demetria- by far the best all around tasting we've done. GORGEOUS scenery, live music, and delicious vino. Next time we're bringing the tennis racquets. The next day we went to see David McCullough give a talk. Good times. Great oldies.

View from Demetria

Strangely, this landscape looks similar to New Mexico. Maybe grapes will thrive in the land of enchantment?!  Duffner Estate Winery? We do have a chemist in the family...

Koehler Winery

Outstanding in the Field, Rio Gozo Farm

Well, we did it again. We bought tickets to Outstanding in the Field, since our first experience was stellar! This event was in Ojai, just 30 short minutes from our house. It was a gorgeous night, with good food & great company...
The lovely farmers of Rio Gozo.

Ojai Pixies

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Anna + Mikey

William & Kate, eat your heart out! There's a new couple in town and their wedding was as royal as they come.

Text from Anna last Sunday night:
A: "Can I fly you out next Saturday"?
S: "What"?
A: "Susanne, I know it is impulsive, but we would love it if you could come be a witness!"

6 days later I was on a plane to Portland. (Thanks a million Dale!)

A + M had originally planned a wedding for this fall, but had a gut feeling about doing it this weekend, so they went with it. I was one of 3 lucky guests. They were married under a beautiful tree in the lush Hoyt Arboretum. It was stunning. The rain came to a halt just long enough for vows to be exchanged and champagne to be popped. There is something so special and sacred about a quiet and intimate wedding. I couldn't have pictured anything more perfect for these two. Congrats to the newlyweds, and thanks for making me a part of it. Love you guys!

the Dress

The Bouquet

Meadow, Hoyt Arboretum

the Mr. & Mrs.

The little guests

Sahla, Leshnee & Chortek

The Center Street Kids

Mikey, Anna, Dale + 3

Restaurant Loteria

The morning of the wedding, we played the restaurant lottery and pulled choices out of a hat (actually, a colander). Here were a few of the options. We ended up at the Irving St. Kitchen for the big wedding feast.  Great ambiance, super service and delicious food and cocktails (try the seelbach). Yum.

Irving St. Kitchen

the cake.

Pardon my horrible inside photography skills, or lack thereof...

Anna...don't forget to buy...

the perfect americano

The sweet elixir of life. Can't get 'em like this anywhere else.

Pine St. Biscuits

In true Anna form...a delicious and nutritious post wedding breakfast. For those of us who do not have a tape worm like Anna, this breakfast meant one thing - hibernation.

Desert Primrose

Exploding in our yard right now.

Wilcox Preserve

Awww. Santa Barbara and the Chanel Islands. Isn't she pretty?

Super Cucas

Best mexican food in town. Love the mart. Would kill for these signs.

Hang Gliders at the Wilcox Preserve

Vintage Flea Market, Nipomo

My mom sent me an article from Coastal Living about a vintage flea market that happens twice a year at this place called the Dana Powers House in Nipomo, CA. So, I dragged Javier here with the reward of camping at the end of the day. Well, there was record turnout at this flea market because of the article. Parking was crazy (although you wouldn't know it in this photo, as this was our walk home when most people were gone.) A mile and a half up this road was the property, with a big ol' barn and loads of great vendors. We found a cool plaque that says '30' from an old hotel in england and a little pewter goblet + some yellow FRENCH (you know who you are) ribbon.

Barn, Nipomo

Laetitia Winery

No weekend trip is complete without a stop off at a new winery. 


Was happy to see that Scolari's grocery store in Pismo Beach is carrying DIY! The only place I have been able to find it in Santa Barbara is Home Depot. Three cheers for Scolari's!

Pismo Beach Grocery Store

Car Camping

It's been a while since our last camping trip. It sure is good fun. Montana de Oro state park is just north of us, near San Luis Obispo. Just what the Dr. ordered - an easy and quick get away for a mini vacation. We went for a run on the bluff the next morning. This place was off the beaten path and you had to actually go into PGE land and sign your life away at a guard shack. So strange, but it was stunning. All the poppies and wild flowers were in bloom (wish i'd had my camera), and the landscape looked untouched since dinosaur times.

Montana de Oro State Park

A late afternoon picnic/happy hour before pitching the tent.

Easter Egg Hunt

Javier's sister Nina and family came out for Easter. Here is a photo of Mia and Sydney on the lookout for eggs.