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the Running Project

For the last 14 weeks, Javier and I have been training for the San Diego marathon. We have both done a handful of 1/2 marathons and have talked about doing the full marathon ever since we’ve known each other. But it wasn’t until January that we finally ponied up and committed to the full 26.2.

I won’t complain or wish I had done one sooner. Anybody who has been to paradise (Santa Barbara) knows that this is the most ideal place on the planet to train for a marathon. We are spoiled with the perfect running environment...the gorgeous weather, the oxygen rich air at sea level, the spectacular scenery. Even last week, 18 miles didn’t break me, because I had Santa Barbara (and what a saint she is)! All I had to do was take a look around me and remember where I was.

This is also the first time that I have ever trained with a group. Typically, Javier and i find a program online, print it out, tape it to the fridge and drag ourselves out day after day. Discipline is not easy alone, and I have always been a lone wolf runner. Joining a running group has been essential to the whole process. Even though there are days when I run alone with the group, they are still there at the beginning and the end. They hold you responsible. Other people count on you being there, and you count on them. 

With the hours and hours of running logged, I have plenty of time to think. On many of these runs, I have thought it would be cool to get some photos of all the gear. So, that is what is pictured here. 

The 4 essentials to running: 1. the equipment 2. the fuel 3. the recovery 4. the mental

Here they are broken down by photo....

1. the shoes. nike zoom.
2. the watch. the knee strap. the ipod (can’t believe I used to haul a big walkman with me)
b. the socks (my favorite socks ever - smart wool phd running socks)
3. the hair tie
4. the “arm pants”. mornings are chilly and these are the greatest invention ever. 
5. the body glide - once into the high mileage, the chafing can be pretty bad.
6. the clothing - my favorite running shirt
7. the fuel. 
-GU (espresso love is best. makes you think for a fleeting moment that you are having your morning coffee)
-pretzels (my latest addition. it helps the gut rot)
-clif bars (usually a before or after fuel for me)
8. the water bottle. h20 essential to have a well oiled machine
9. the recovery. 
-tennis ball (“poor man’s massage tool”)
-foam roller (it’s a good kind of hurt)
-the runner stick (to ‘uncramp’ those calves)
-the ibuprofen (the aches and pains)
-the immodium (my stomach issues)

And that’s all she wrote. A little sunday morning ramble on the running project. I suppose I should have a photo of the step ladder I put next to the bed for the after runs. Being horizontal on the Saturday after the run is critical to the recovery. Activity and movement is not recommended.

All that aside, running is great. It’s invigorating, it keeps my heart happy, it’s challenging and it is the best way to clear the cobwebs. 26.2 here i come...

Sunday stroll

French Press

We like to treat ourselves on Saturdays after our long runs. French Press has the best latte and best beans in town.


A new favorite little winery in town that we discovered a few weeks back...

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