Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It's been way too long since I've been back to pdx. It's pretty much the greatest place ever. Here are some shots from my plane ride (gotta love that iphone camera).

Better than portland, is my circle of friends up there. Anna had a really bad bike accident earlier this summer and is lucky to be alive. After many days in the ICU and crazy back surgery (makes me cringe everytime I think of it) she is on her way to a healthy recovery. It was great to spend lazy days in the northwest with mikey and anna and their crazy russian dogs! I also got to spend some time with em and carson and their darling little girl eleanor AND got to meet Liz and Darryl's new little one - Owen. Cutie patootie.

Apple Festival

Went apple/pear tasting at the Portland Apple Festival. Good eats!

Portland Horse Project



Portland Eye Candy

Chortek aka Snortek

Chortek means "little devil" in Russian. Chortek is Part I of dog duo boston terriers, Leshnee is Part II. Anna and mikey give all dog commands in russian. It is a site to see. Come on anna and mikey! Get the dog whisperer on this, I'm sure he teaches english as a second language to pooches.

Tuffins McMuffins

Tuffins, Dale's new cat, is a tuff little kitty and doesn't put up at all with anna & mikey's boston terriers.


We are spoiled year-round with farmers' markets here in southern california. In Santa Barbara, there is a market EVERY day except Monday. Doesn't this picture say it all? Abundance. This needs to be a still life in an art class somewhere.

Virgi and Bob

Javier's parents Virgi and Bob came out for their first Santa Barbara visit. It was great seeing them and exploring more of Santa Barbara...

south facing SB

Santa Barbara is south facing...hence the compass on the pier. Confusing to say the least when we first moved here. the sun does not set over the ocean...

Stearns Wharf

Santa Barbara Train Station

My dad came out to help with more painting and to see the yankees beat the angels. We took the train from santa barbara down to anaheim. Nice little ride.


DIY Nachos

Say it isn't so! What has happened to america's greatest past time? Paid an arm and a leg for these "nachos". Hopefully this is just a california thing and that other ballparks are still keepin' it real.

one of our many "pet" spiders here at animal kingdom