Sunday, December 23, 2007

the Orange Crush

Nothing like fresh squeezed oranges from the farmer's market. YUM.

Fresh Squeezed

Always an adventure.

Imagine this. A crazy madman (and 3 other crazies who joined up later) pushing a 7 ft cactus for two miles on a downhill grade...It was a much smoother operation that you could possibly imagine. We even replanted it into a pot! It is now living happily in our front yard, a watchdog, if you will, taking good care of us. Thanks branden and stosh. It is a wedding present we will always cherish!

The Close-up

The Feast

This is our second annual awesome outdoor thanksgiving feast. Next year we are requiring the foreigners to dress as pilgrims. (Huw from the UK, Chrissy from Germany and Valerie from France). This isn't the greatest pic, but it gives you a sense of the table we set up in the front. It's quite dreamy. Palm trees, great weather, good eats and great company. Can't complain...

Champagne Toys

Stosh enjoys making toys from the little cage that holds the champagne cork in. Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without those tasty mimosas or the cute ostrich, chair and giraffe pictured here.

Fork and Berries

We had a little flare this year to our thanksgiving decor.

Happy Unbirthday...

We had an awesome gals weekend in the OC to celebrate a certain someone's un-birthday. Good shopping, good eats, cocktails on the beach and more! We even got a drop in visit from the great story teller elisa. Who entertained us with some knee slappin stories of her days at the polish glider factory and her recent trip to argentina ("peeing in a cup mishap" at an argentenian soccer of our favorite tales.) Let's do it again! Who has the next birthday?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Brooklyn Bridge

A New York Staple and a great history...

Solid Gold Rockefeller

Gotta love these workers getting kicked around by a statue...

Schleppin by Subway

One of my favorite things about NY is the subway. It's just pure madness. An underground tangled web of tunnels and tile. The easiest, fastest, cheapest way around the city that never sleeps. You gotta love it. Not to mention the RAD underground breakdancing.


Yankee Dugout

Javier...that seat is reserved for Derek Jeter...We took a tour of Yankee Stadium. It was awesome to see it behind closed doors, especially since this was the last year they will every play there. We got to go in the locker room and on the field. What a dream.

Stadium Seats

One of Many NY views...

The view from our hotel room at the gershwin. groovy place to stay..

Dierdre and Lucian's Wedding

Javier's cousin Lucian, who is an amazing photo journalist (check out his work at OR got married in November in NY. They were married in this old bathhouse that was converted to a photography studio. was Jav's first trip to the city. We had a blast.