Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mandela's House, Soweto

Shanty in Kliptown, Soweto

The medicine man's supplies.

Wandies Place

Shebeen in Soweto.

Lesedi Village

Mr. 'no longer a bachelor' Rowse


The wedding venue where Andrew and Alex's reception was held. Look carefully and you will see some Zebra in the distance.

the happy couple

Dance Partay

DJ Looey did a stellar job as you can see from the photos. Good times on the dance floor. It's all fun and games until somebody gets a parasite...

Jason Reiff's brother?

Timothy (andrew's brother)

Lorette and Stephen (andrew's brother)


Atos, Hyundai

Our trusty little mode of transport in Swaziland and our expert driver who, even after our return home has had a hard time on the right side of the road, as well as mixing up the blinker and windshield wipers on a regular basis. It's hysterical.

The red earth of Swaziland


How on earth...

This is a common siting everywhere. Women who can carry almost anything on their heads. This woman is clearly cheating by using her hands. Usually, the woman has a tower of something on her head and her hands are holding her baby or busy with something else. We must have seen hundreds of women walking around like this, and not once did we see one stumble or falter. I kid you not, we saw a woman who had about 20 dozen eggs stacked on her head about 2 feet high.

Hair Cut Shack

How badly I wanted the experience of getting my hair cut in the hair shack. And the "photo studio" next door, what is that?! African Olan Mills? Better yet - Kim Jew, the new mexico equivalent.

Swazi kids

Everywhere you go in South Africa kids are in the streets running up to your car with both hands out yelling "SWEETS! SWEETS!" Most of these kids have these hand-made cars too. They use wire and soda cans for wheels and bamboo or sticks as the pushing mechanism. They are really well engineered and roll along so smoothly! The creativity that is fostered in the midst of total poverty really blows me away.


The birds in Africa are out of this world. This photo does it little justice.

Soccer City, Johannesburg

South Africa is in full force, gearing up for the world cup this summer. This is the stadium in Joburg where many games will be played, including the finals. Bafana Bafana is the south african soccer/"football" team. Bafana Bafana means "the boys" in Zulu. Gotta love it.


Sundowners: fruity, fresh, ice cold cocktail drinks at sunset.


Cape Point...

...where the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean unofficially meet...
Boulders near the top of Cape Point

Table Mountain

View of table mountain from the beach in Camps Bay.


A lovely afternoon of sunshine and wine tasting in Stellenbosch.