Monday, June 23, 2008

Purple Mountains Majesty

Gotta love the rockies. We flew to Colorado this weekend for Alicia Skuza and Nick's wedding. Good times. Great oldies...

Bridal Bouquet

Jav, Skuza & Annie

Nick & Skuza


Ice Ice Baby

Here is blurry flash of Jason, rockin' the vanilla ice dance. Nothing will make you smile more. (save maybe his tales of gymnastic camp...)

Table 11

Our fish "Jager" appropriately named shortly after the wedding party did a round of shots.

Afternoon on the Poudre

One of our favorite old hang-out spots in Fort Collins. Refreshing afternoon followed by summer rain.

Gifts Galore

We got a little carried away at the berthoud thrift store. Can you pick which gifts don't belong...

Chihuly Protege

Rob blowing wedding goblets, for alicia and nick. I'm surprised we weren't cooked to a crisp in that studio. Holy hot.

Sven, the Mayor

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Everything Cali.

All the palm trees here are so different. Loved these "mini coconuts" or seeds or whatever they are...

type dreams

Love these type treasures we found in a santa monica alley a few weeks ago.


Santa Monica

Sea Glass

Run. Shoot.

Took my new little point and shoot on one of our saturday runs to crystal cove...



Washing Dishes