Friday, July 23, 2010

Week with the Gals

Cassidy & Roxanne spend 3 weeks every summer at my parents house in Albuquerque. My mom was nice enough to bring them out for a week to visit me! We had a blast and saw more of santa barbara in the past week than I have the whole year I have been here. It was great to have my cute roomies for a week. Javier was at "science camp" so we had the place to ourselves and ruled the world. Miss you guys already! xoxo

Silly Bandz

If you're a kid, silly bandz are all the rage, or so I hear. Basically, they are rubber bands/bracelets in the shape of things (see the sunshine in the pic?) Here's a small sampling of Roxanne's "bandz". Gotta love it. Roxanne was kind enough to sacrifice the circulation in her arms for the sake of documenting this crazy collection. Thanks Rox

Nana + Cassidy

Lemonade Stand