Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Welcome to your Thirties.

Yes, I turned thirty on Monday. Hard to believe, or as my mom says "YIKES". Javier threw me an awesome birthday party on Saturday, followed by a midnight swim in the mighty pacific, followed by a great weekend camping, wine tasting and exploring new places. Then, on the drive home. This. A burning bus. An omen? Perhaps. Hello 30, good-bye to the days of playing on the schoolbus.



ingredients for good wine.


Wine tasting in Santa Ynez. This is the vineyard from movie Sideways. Good wine. Pricey Wine. Cool sign. In case you can't read it from the photo, it says "Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy".


Jav on the pier.


Javier took me on a birthday get-away this weekend up North. Camped our first night here on the coast, close to Santa Barbara.

Anywhere, USA

Telephone pole in Anywhere, USA. This one happens to be in Santa Barbara.

Ritzy Stems

One of my awesome clients gave me a gift certificate to Sunday Champagne brunch at the Ritz Carlton. Bottomless champagne and the finest of treats to eat. We also got to sit at the table next to Magic Johnson. Nice smile Magic! These are one of the many extravagant flower arrangements at the hotel.


Close-up of Jeter.

Go Yanks.

Dad came out for the Angels/Yankees game last week. This photo was taken prior to the Yankees getting massacred by the Angels. What a surreal game. And it was Javier's first Yankee game. Welcome to the club Jav!

Angels Stadium in Anaheim

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Good Times Great Oldies

Congrats Garry & Becky

Wedding 3 of 2007. Garry and Becky. Congratulations!


Cutest little pooch. Annie and Jason's new bambino.

Estes Park, CO

We're clearly not in the OC anymore...


Our gracious host in Berthoud! Thanks annie and jason. And of course little Sven.


Jason & Rob celebrating his graduation from defensive driving class.

Skuza's Ice Cream Surprise

It was great seeing Alicia and Nick again. We sure do miss hanging out with them!

Tie Time

the Pearl


Attack of the Hoola Hoop

For the video...


Lost Parakeet

Snow Globe

Knoblock's snow globe collection. Feel free to submit tacky additions to 1015 se center st. portland, or 97202.

"Leash Knee"

Leash Knee, the better half of tag team terrier at anna and mikey's place. They only speak russian and snort.

Hands Off Buddy

Someone delivered these HUGE shelves from craigs list on a flat bed to em and carson. Good luck tucking those away in the basement.

Miss these kids.

Love in an Elevator

Cake Walk

Snazzy shoes Carson! How's that cake?

Flags at Cargo

the pearl in Portland has had a major facelift. I barely recognized it!


Anna and Mikey. Sweet kids.

Tea Time

Everything in Anna's house is photogenic. Must be that creative blanket emily is always talking about.

Ignis Glass

This is a piece by emily and carson's friend who is a glass blower. Check out his stuff. He is awesome. Chris Mosey.


Casa de Knoblock


Liz & Darryl

The Lovely Bride and Groom.


Anna, Sooze and Em. Good times at Liz and Darryl's wedding.


Blue treasures in NE Portland.


Emily and Carson's little one.