Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Brooklyn Bridge!

The Brooklyn Bridge had its 125th birthday while we were in New York! We took the stroll across into manahttan on thursday. What a beautiful bridge! We wanted to celebrate with birthday cake, but instead made our way across manhattan for some superb hot chocolate at la maison du chocolat. Delicious. We also got to watch the fireworks over the bridge from the rooftop of the awesome loft where we stayed. Thanks to someone whose name cannot be mentioned...JB

Brooklyn Queens Expressway

New York's Hidden Letterpress Gem

Robert of Bowne & Co.

This is Robert of Bowne & Co. Stationers. We met Robert and Fela ("like 'ta-da'") at the stationery show. He invited us to his letterpress studio under the brooklyn bridge and gave us a personal tour of his amazing space. This is him inking up one of his many presses to give us a demonstration. This was the highlight of our trip and a great closure to a creative week at the stationery show. Thanks for sharing with us Robert! Robert also makes great collage "kits" that we have tried to convince him to sell on etsy. So keep your eyes peeled...

type city

grippo's studio, brooklyn

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kung Fu Skyline

New York "back yard"

Rooftop View from Apartment


Anna back at the crash pad getting some computer time in.


Loving brooklyn and the awesome apartment we are crashing at...

Stationery Show

Spent this week in New York at the stationery show. Me and my lovely ladies anna and elisa had a blast. There was so much to see and so little time to make the rounds. We had a really good show for being my first time as an exhibitor. Rock on.

Booth at Show