Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another beautiful day in paradise

in lieu of christmas tree...

...because of maggie. Luckily my mom was here to turn our house into winter wonderland sans tree. Although, we do have a small rosemary tree that we decorated AND a little 3 footer in our herb window. It's a mini-christmas.

Another plant bites the dust.

Go Gauchos!

Been to some great UCSB basketball games this month. Gotta love the gauchos!


We finally took my dad for a round of golf thanksgiving weekend. Jaiver, so proud of his EAGLE on hole 3! way to go champ.

Post Feast Pictionary

Boys vs Girls...and the winner is TEAM GIRLS

Pilgrims, Yo.

The flash did a number on their eyes. scary.

Thanksgiving, SB

It was great to have my mom and dad in town for Thanksgiving. It was a festive 'international' thanksgiving...our friends Leoni and Sam from England and Alex who hails from Mexico. Here we are with our pilgrim hats, photo taken for my sister (see Kelly's thanksgiving photo above). And yep, another gorgeous day in Santa Barbara.

Post Marathon

Hooray, the finish line! My running pals...Tami on the left and Janet on the right.