Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good times. Great oldies.

Too much excitement after the obama landslide. We couldn't possibly leave the helium in the balloons...

Barack the Vote.

Jaron and Jeff sportin the sparkle 'O' at our election party...

Can you spell O-B-A-M-A?


Delaware Darlings.

No trip to the east coast would be complete without a visit to the "small wonder" state. Here is a pic of my college roommate Danielle (407 bloss hall) and her hubby Shane(go phils!) and newborn Caleigh. DV found out she was pregos when on a trip to visit us in Cali. The Varrasses hosted Sunday dinner, and for the first time I got to join in along with my dad. Sunday dinner at the varrasse's has been on my list of things to do before I die ever since I tasted "gramom's" famous pepperoni gravy. Sunday dinner was everything I imagined. Thanks so much Joyce for the delicious meal. And thanks to all the Varrasses for such good company. Next time..."you bring the brandy, I'll bring the wine..."

Lafayette "pards"

This is dad at Lafayette college in Pennsylvania where he went for undergrad. My cousin Alisa is a senior and plays soccer for lafayette. Went to see her play Army. Good times.

Liberty Bell

Roxanne has been dying to see the liberty bell, so when we were in Philadelphia last month, we had to stop to check it out. It lost its lustre after about 30 seconds...."the liberty bell was so boring..."

Geno's Cheesesteaks. South Philly.

Cafe Oh No...

This is the $2000 cup of coffee Javier spilled on his computer...one week prior to his first job interview. Thank goodness for renters insurance, and of course the "genius bar" at the apple store.

Barber Shop on Marigold Ave.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack on.

I am so proud.