Monday, May 31, 2010

the sweetness of summer

Sunday, May 23, 2010

"For me, New York will always have the luster and magic of a brand new adventure around every corner. vitality coursing every street. It is still the most exciting city of modern civilization." -Jacob Javits
What a week! New York is always a whirlwind and it's no wonder it's been coined 'the city that never sleeps'. Had such a good time at the show and with my gal pals. Probably too many images to share, but it makes up for lost blog time I guess.
My sister and Cassidy were able to make it for the weekend. Great to see them both.
Anna? A die hard yanks fan? Never thought I'd see the day.

Happy Anniversary!

Third year wedding anniversary with my gal pals at a cozy little italian restaurant.
Sissie dragged us into this 3 story M&M store in time square. We couldn't get out of there soon enough. It was horrific. Who knew there was a demand for everything M&M? Dishes, ornaments, sheets, figurines, clothing, purses, jewelry, toys... It was packed wall to wall with people. I still can't believe it.
Anna and I laced up the running shoes and hit the trails in central park. It was a nice finish to the week. Just a few more runs before the marathon...

The Food Depot

Discovered at the 2008 stationery show, this Food Depot was our saving grace.  Anna, is especially smitten with their "eggy sandwiches" and black & white cookies (on our last day she cleaned out their entire stock). New York's best kept secret and a great way to start the day. It's open 24 hours. Everything is fresh and made before your very eyes. 34th and 10th. Don't miss it.


Our theme this year at the stationery show was “we heart”...  In honor of Milton Glaser. For those of you who aren’t familiar, he is one of the design greats and is the guy responsible for the ‘I heart NY’ logo you see all over the city. So, we carried it through our four days at the show. We handed out ‘I heart NY’ buttons with a green heart, covered our booth in our favorite font with the things we heart, and handed out totes with icons of things we heart.

the giveaways

Business Cards

Press Kits

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Empire State Building

View from our apartment...


Will F. was on our flight to NY. In baggage claim, lindsey asked for a photo, but he said he can't for security reasons? at any rate Lindsey said "i'm going to take a photo of my friend with you in the background. act non-chalant will"


one too many ambiens? (girl in the background).  It took several aggressive taps and shakes to wake her so that we could get into the aisle and make our way to the restroom.

Off to NYC.

Virgin America. Love this airline. Love the disco lights and super mod seats. What a flying experience!

Saturday, May 01, 2010